Sagt om "Myllargutens gammaldansorkester vol.2":

"Only the most unrepentant curmudgeon could resist Myllargutens Gammaldansorkester when the Rauland, Norway-based ensemble's music is so joyous and high-spirited. (...) Don't be misled by the rather lugubrious expressions the group members sport in the colour photo in the accompanying twelve-page booklet: the forty-four-minute release is largely a joy-filled collection from start to finish. Images of children dancing and grandparents bobbing to the music come quickly to mind, though the fact that MGO's music has such multi-generational appeal hardly argues against it. One could picture the group performing in a formal concert hall, but a more fitting venue would be an outdoor festival where listeners would be able to less restrainedly surrender to the rustic folk music's charms." 

"Frejdigt svingas benen till musiken, pardans i ring vid dansbanan. Det är bilden jag får av musiken på skivan. Dans under sköna sommarkvällar. (...) Frejdigt musicerande rakt igenom, de gör inte avkall på spelglädjen och schvunget, samtidigt som de förtjänstfullt undviker att bli stompigt umpa-umpiga."